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  • Train without fatigue!
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  • STURDY joints!
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Natural food supplements: REVIEWS

Nikolay Vitkevich Vice-President of Russian Armsport Association, WAA

Judging from my own experience, reviews of athletes, both professionals and amateurs, I can say that the drug Tribulustan+ is a tonic herbal non-hormonal formula, which definitely affects performance of athletes who specialize in armsport. I have known about Inter-S products for a long time and can confirm with certainty that all drugs are proven by our athletes to be effective supplements with unique composition, working as stated. These are unique scientific developments of Russian scientists.

Аlexey Tyukalov The strongest Russian armlifter and multiple champion

Tribulustan+ is one the best world’s non-steroid drugs for muscle growth, strength and endurance boosting. It really works. A good supplement, I do not know any that can compare. With today’s pace of living it is extremely difficult to combine daily care with professional sports. Frequent changes of climate, time zone, day regimen – all these affect sports performance. Using 100-in-1 vitamin and mineral complexes has absolutely no effect, despite bright advertising and graphic design. But the body requires support, so empirically I discovered Tribulustan+.

Without going into chemical composition, I can say that this supplement really works. I do not know anything about Tribulustan effect on muscle mass, but its positive effect can be easily felt. You get more efficient, both mentally and physically, recover faster after workouts and serious loads. It is a perfect food supplement for athletes in dynamic sports, martial arts and athletics. It is absolutely safe for everyone, including athletes on doping control. The recommended dosage is for an athlete of average weight. If you increase it 2-3 times, you get a really powerful effect! The combination of a pleasant smell and a bitter taste is a reminder of the drug’s herbal origin. A fine supplement, there is no substitute!

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Igor Pedan Guinness World Record holder, Russia’s strongest man

I always use Tribulustan+ after course therapies, it helps to keep my weight and strength, avoid so-called “gap” after the course, my mood during the workouts is always as it is on a steroid course. For those who do not use anabolic steroids, it will help achieve better results even without chemicals. I gave it to my father and father-in-law, only one pill and both old guys became a lot happier – their wives, too. In order to really feel the effect, you have to take a lot of it, I started from 6 pills and finished with 10.

Peche-Nega is an effective formula for the liver. Unlike many pharmaceutical drugs, taking Peche-Nega during a steroid course will not mess up your liver. Outside of a steroid course it will give you a better appetite. Also the drug relieves hangover, if you take it with liquor, what is a real sign it protects the organism against toxins. Also it helped me feel better one time when I got food poisoning. Tsigomax will not help if you already have some diseases, but I annually take it as a prevention therapy. Pain in my spine, elbows, knees is gone. If you have an injury, it will help to recover, when taken with other kinds of medicine. All of the drugs are great, I recommend them to everyone. I take all the drugs produced by Inter-S and I am very pleased with the strength gain!

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Igor Valetskiy President of Kuzbass Powerlifting Federation, Coach Emeritus of Russia

People say good things about Tribulustan+. The drug has no side effects, it is not dope, which is important for athletes. It can be used in various sports to improve athletic performance. It gives you no trouble during doping control, we have successfully passed it every year since 2007. The herbal supplement perfectly increases the level of natural testosterone in men, who feel the effect immediately. It also has positively effects for women, but not as anabolic steroids do, without serious changes in the body even after prolonged use. The drug is popular in the Federation of Powerlifting and Kickboxing. With this supplement you can lose weight without losing strength, kickboxers are really satisfied with this, but one has to take higher doses. It may be used in any amout, my athletes took up to 10 tablets.

Effects differ from person to person. Noticeable muscle mass growth, sleep and appetite improvement can be achieved through prophylactic doses of 2-3 pills. For athletes, doses of 6-8 pills provide a burst of energy, increased efficiency, faster recovery, fat reduction. Doses of 8-10 pills increase vitality and muscle tone, burn fat, can really help one achieve a good physical shape. I personally give increased dosages as competitions approach. Women athletes have taken large doses before doping control and always successfully passed it. Guys with a high level of testosterone should stop taking the drug for a few days (in competitions with doping controls), those with lower levels can use Tribulustan on the starting day. Athletes do great at all international events, in different climates and time zones. The effect varies for every individual, Tribulustan affects different sportsmen differently. You have to know the athlete and his coach to find out how exactly. It is best to use the drug three times per day in equal doses or take one high dose in the afternoon. I do not recommend taking it at night. The drug has no dangerous side effects but it can make one too agitated.

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Alexander Boyarov World Armlifting Champion and Champion of Russia, MSIC on armlifting

I have taken the drugs for a few years and now recommend them to all my friends. They provide really good results, the effect is well-felt and noticeable. It is awesome that now we can use such supplements, which are not dope. But they work and they are safe. They really make a subdtantial difference for athletic performance.

Alexey Tyukalov the Strongest Russian armlifter

As far as I can tell, the long-term boost is felt immediately, and then, after a short time, other components kick in. Why do I think so? The answer is simple – I prepare for and take part in the most serious tournaments, the opponents are the strongest athletes of the world, the loads are unreal, but I do not and never have had injures. I use Tsigomax as a food supplement according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and up the dosage in competition training. Other people may thoroughly study physiological and pharmacological properties of various dietary supplements, know all their properties, but at the same time have a lot of health problems. I prefer the opposite: if I feel thirsty, I drink clean water without not thinking about chemical composition and its aggregate states. The same here: I need confidence in results, and with Tsigomax I have just that. The drug’s safety and efficiency are guaranteed by the research team of Inter-S.

My passion for powerlifting and familiarity with the products of the company Inter-S, including the drug Tsigomax, began almost at the same time, a few years ago. Sports supplements, widely advertised and used, did not suit me. I did not need huge muscle mass or brutal aggression during workouts, or extreme doses of minerals and vitamins. While training for the grip strength and during the first competitions it became clear that I had a need to take sports supplements, but of a very particular kind. First, of course, I needed to prevent injuries and strengthen ligaments and bones for serious loads. Having tried various dietary supplements, I came to conclusion that formulas that do work owe it to ingredients not listed, like analgesics. But let us leave it that on manufacturers’ conscience. With Tsigomax I can be really sure that it is efficient, safe for the body and fully compliant with anti-doping standards.

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State Academy of Physical Culture, Volgograd region

Complex adaptogen Tribulustan+ is well tolerated by athletes’ bodies, increases physical and mental performance, especially during prolonged and intensive training, has an anabolic effect (muscle mass, strength and endurance growth). Tribulustan+ is recommended for athletes in sports where speed and strength are important (powerlifting, weightlifting etc.).

Association of Armsport and Other Arm Wrestling Sports, Bryansk

Tribulustan+ is a composition of dry extracts of the aboveground part of epimedium, fenugreek seeds, dioscorea tubers, ginger rhizomes (all ingredients are approved for use by the Russian Ministry of Health), which synergetically stimulate anabolic processes in the human body. Athletes who participated in the experiment took doses of Tribulustan+ in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations – 2 pills three times a day after meals for 40 days. All athletes taking Tribulustan were competing armwrestlers, sports qualification 1st class, CMS, MS. In total, 45 athletes participated in the study, training once per day for 90 minutes.

The drug therapy was timed to competition training. Before and after the experiment all of the athletes were subjected to anthropometry of body size and weight. Body height, body weight, circumference of arm, forearm, thigh and power indexes were recorded. Throughout the study, surveys and control were taken: both subjective state of health of participants of the experiment (sleep quality, appetite, desire to train, complaints) and objective indications (pulse, blood pressure, ECG parameters) were measured. Taking Tribulustan+ significantly increased athletes’ strength and muscle mass, weight changed due to increased muscle component and fat was lost or remained unchanged. During comparison of objective and subjective evaluations, a survey of athletes’ condition was conducted on the 20th and 40th days of Tribulustan therapy. Compared to the control group 36 athletes had increased muscle tone and desire to train, 3 athletes did not show any positive dynamics on the 20th day. However, on the 40th day of the therapy all of the athletes showed significant subjective and objective improvement. Analysis of surveys taken under Tribulustan+ showed substantial psychoemotional improvement and greater motivation.

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Center for Sports Training, Ministry of Youth, Sports and Tourism of Tatarstan

The Tsigomax supplement was included in pharmacological programs of national teams of Russia and the Republic of Tatarstan in 17 sports and 6 Paralympic sports. All components of Tsigomax are well tolerated by the athletes’ bodies and have almost no side effects, which makes prolonged taking of Tsigomax safe.

Sergey Akulov World Kickboxing Champion

Tribulustan+ really helps when training for strength, in addition, the general surge of energy is always felt.

Alexey Gagarin Three-time world champion, European champion, four-time Combat Sambo Russian Champion, MMA professional

Tribulustan+ adds to power and functional performance, improves endurance. It can also be successfully combined with other sports nutrition products.

K.P. Romanov M.D.

Tsigomax is one of the best products with a reasonable price and developed for prevention of hypocalcemia, containing bioavailable calcium and phosphorus. It is a natural herbal formula. Active components of Tsigomax are powdered celery, reindeer antlers, anise fruit and dandelion root. The herbal complex has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidizing, detoxifying and regenerating properties. The plants promote generation of bone cartilage tissue, active assimilation of peptides, amino acids, lipids, carbohydrates, hormones, nucleotides and minerals. Thus, the drug helps to strengthen bones, joints, tendons, ligaments. It stimulates regenerative processes in case of fractures and sprains, what is important for many athletes.

Victoria Medvedeva Silver medalist of the European Youth Basketball Championship 2011

I have used Tsigomax with good results. Any athlete’s career directly depends on his health. I understood it in the fall of 2012, when I began doing standard exercises and felt sharp pain in my left hip. Later I had to go through numerous examinations and countless doctors. The diagnosis was depressing – aseptic necrosis of the head of left femur. Doctors’ opinions were different, someone even thought that it was the time to leave sports. But my agent and I made a decision to try to do what we can to extend – through surgery, then a long recovery time, and always listening to my body. A year later, I resumed training but the pain in hip and discomfort did not leave me for the whole season. In the summer I was advised to try Tsigomax.

At first, I was skeptical and hesitated for a long time, but having read reviews and listened to stories about its effect I finally decided to try. I have been using it from August of 2014. After 2-3 months of intense training, at the training camp I noticed that I did not feel discomfort and pain, which had haunted me earlier. In December, 2014, after an MRI examination I went to the doctor and found out that everything was ok. Traces from the operation were nearly gone. Before I started taking the drug, about half a year earlier, they hadn’t closed up even half-way. I have been using Tsigomax for 8 months now and my hip bothers me less and less.

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T.A. Zaytseva Certified andrologist-endocrinologist and sexologist

I have prescribed Tribulustan+ in cases of potency reduction. After therapy started, the patients’ general state of health became better, libido recovered, as did potency and erection. The formula was well tolerated by the body; I did not observe any side effects. Sexual life became more regular. Pregnancy, too, followed a regular pattern. I have enough such examples from other problems of men’s health. Tribulustan+ is safe, well tolerated by patients and has a good effect. It should be taken over a long period of time, 2 to 4 months. I prescribe individual courses of Tribulustan+, depending on the problem and state of health.

By increasing the level of testosterone and chorionic hormones Tribulustan+ improves sperm production, concentration and mobility. Its ingredients have almost no side effects, which makes prolonged use possible. Within 2 years, I began prescribing the formula to improve the quality of life as a general tonic in chronic fatigue, depression, for quick recovery after serious illnesses, physical and mental stress.

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Alexey Tyukalov Russian Tank, World record holder IRONMIND and WAA

First of all, this is Tribulustan+ – its effect is soft certainly indistinguishable for lovers of doping and hardcore additives. Increased efficiency is manifested not only in the gym, but also in everyday life. The diet is also far from ideal, and I have to snack on the run with different ‘cuisines’ in the host countries, sometimes it is not clear what the dish is made from. My liver is sometimes shocked by the eaten. That’s just where another Peche-nega additive helps. And, of course, the profile additive Tsigomax – loads on joints and ligaments increase all the time. I could describe benefits infinitely long, but the best evidence of effectiveness and benefit is that the body works like a clock, the tone is normal, organs healthy and bones intact. No health problems. Thanks to the manufacturer - company Inter-S!

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World champions recommend Tribulustan+, Tsigomax and Peche-Nega!
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  • World Armlifting Champion WAA
    Alexander Boyarov
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