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  • Train without fatigue!
  • Increases testosterone level!
  • STURDY joints!
  • strong tendons!
  • BOLSTERS the spine!
  • record assimilation of proteins!
  • FIGHTS ammonia fighter!
  • detoxifiES!


WAA World Champion Alexey Tyukalov about Tribulustan and other our long-proven products 02.11.2016

First of all, this is Tribulustan+ – its effect is soft certainly indistinguishable for lovers of doping and hardcore additives. Increased efficiency is manifested not only in the gym, but also in everyday life.

The World Armlifting Championatship WAA 2016 and Inter-S Company 28.10.2016

Inter-S Company, a manufacturer of Russian natural products, nutritional supplements – Tribulustan+, Tsigomax, Peche-nega – is popular among professional and amateur athletes, taking part in the World Armlifting Championatship WAA 2016 in Moscow on October 29-30, 2016.

Medicine: the practical application of Tribulustan+ in the Krasnoyarsk Center for Reproductive Medicine 07.02.2016

Drug Tribulustan+ is safe, is well tolerated by the organism and produces good results. The drug must be taken for an extended period of time, 2 to 4 months. Tribulustan+ was prescribed individually, depending on the problem and state of health of specific patients. No side effects have been detected within two years of Tribulustan+ application.

Our drugs in the most popular sport nutrition stores 05.02.2016

Inter-S products are available from several well-known sports nutrition networks: VITAWIN, VITOMIN, SPORTFOOD, SPORTSILA, BioMan, SportFit, FORWARD, FitnessBar, BRUTAL and many others.

World champions recommend Tribulustan+, Tsigomax and Peche-Nega!
Who uses and recommends our products to friends?
Just a few names:
  • The strongest man in Russia
    Igor Pedan
  • World record holder IRONMIND and WAA
    Alexey Tyukalov
  • World Armlifting Champion WAA
    Alexander Boyarov
Our friends are outstanding
Russian athletes!
Our partners and our awards
Partner, colleague and friend Nikolay Vitkevich
  • Secretary General of the World Armlifting Association
  • Commissioner of the Russian Armsport Association for development of competitions on the strength of grip in Russia
  • President of the Bryansk region Armsport Association
  • President of the Athletic Champions Club Logovo

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