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Peche-Nega is a unique formula of herbal components for body detoxification. It is used in various diseases of liver, toxic and viral hepatitis, viral diseases of the gallbladder (cholecystitis, angiocholitis) and to cleanse the body from toxins and oxidants. The herbal complex of Peche-Nega has a hepatoprotective, regenerating, detoxifying, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect.

Peche-Nega helps the body better absorb a variety of substances, including proteins and amino acids. As a result of assimilation of proteins by each cell of the organism, ammonia, carbon dioxide and water are put out. Ammonia is a highly toxic compound can be neutralized only by the liver and then in the form of uric acid comes out through kidneys. Without helping the liver cope with extra loads, assimilation of proteins will be reduced and the organism will fail to dispose of ammonia. This may contribute to development of various diseases, including diseases of joints and spine. Peche-Nega promotes rapid deterioration and removal of toxic substances from the organism – a handy supplement for athletes.

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Unique formula of herbal components prevents destruction of liver cellular structure, stabilizes cell membranes, accelerates regeneration of liver cells, inhibits the penetration of hepatotoxic substances into cells, neutralizes free radicals in the liver. Peche-Nega improves and restores appetite, it helps athletes better assimilate large intakes of proteins and amino acids. It is a needful drug during intensive protein intake. Proteins (amino acids) are necessary for muscle mass. As proteins assimilate, each cell of the organism puts out ammonia, carbon dioxide and water. Ammonia is a highly toxic compound can be neutralized only in the liver. It then comes out through kidneys in the form of uric acid. If you do not help the liver cope with this increased workload, assimilation of proteins will be reduced. Peche-Nega promotes rapid destruction and removal of anabolic substances from the body. Product form: hard gelatin capsules, 400 mg, 60 pcs. In six blisters. 1   THOROUGHWAX GRASS POWDER contains saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids (rutin, quercetin, isoquercetin, rutinoside), ascorbic acid, carotene, phylosteroids and tannins. Has hepatoprotective properties and positive effect on the antitoxic function of the liver. Thoroughwax increases the amount of secreted bile increasing wherein the amount of bile pigments, acids, changing the chemical composition of bile. It is used in toxic hepatitis, gall bladder and liver diseases (cholecystitis, angiocholitis, hepatitis). It reduces the level of cholesterol in blood. The amount of phenolic compounds has a P-vitamin activity, anti-inflammatory, anti-edema effect and normalizes capillary permeability. ANISE SEEDS POWDER is a source of essential oil (1 to 6%), which contains anethole, methyl chavicol (10%), anisic aldehyde, anisic ketone and anisic acid. In addition, anise fruit contains fatty oil (8 to 28%). Anise has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. DANDELION RHIZOMES POWDER contains carotenoids, triterpene alcohols arnidol, faradiol and sterols, p-sitosterol and stigmasterol, up to 24% of inulin, fatty oil, which consists of glycerols of palmitic, oleic, linoleic, cerotic and melissic acids. Dandelion removes toxins from the body, especially those that accumulate in the body as a result of abuse of chemical, dietary and pharmaceutical supplements. LUNGWORT POWDER contains mucous substances, saponins, carotene, flobafen, phytosterol, allantoin, waxes, tannins (10%), vitamin C, rutin, a significant amount of polyphenols and minerals, micronutrients. Lungwort has an anti-inflammatory, encapsulating, diuretic and analgesic effect, stimulates blood generation, regulates the endocrine glands, normalizes metabolism. It is used for a variety of liver diseases.
The drug Peche-Nega is effective for treatment of liver diseases: hepatitis, steatosis, cirrhosis, cholecystitis, biliary tract dyskinesia, in different poisonings of organism. Application of Peche-Nega. Peche-Nega is also used: – In acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the liver (hepatitis) and diseases of the gallbladder (cholecystitis, angiocholitis). – For fatty liver disease (hepatosis). – To improve general condition of patients with liver diseases, to normalize test results (transaminases, gamma-glutamyl transferase, alkaline phosphatase, bilirubin). – While taking anabolics, in chemotherapy and alcohol poisoning.
Peche-Nega is recommended in case of: – Toxic liver lesions (including the pharmaceutical kind), poisoning by halogenated hydrocarbons, heavy metal compounds. – In chronic and acute liver diseases (hepatitis). – Dyskinesia of biliary tract. – During long drug therapies, prolonged exposure to steroids and chemotherapy agents. – Cirrhosis of the liver, along with other treatments. It is recommended to athletes during recovery and to maintain liver health. Promotes rapid destruction and removal from the body of anabolic substances. Increases assimilation of heavy protein and amino acids loads.
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